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A press-out kit for your company or organisation

A press-out kit makes an impression. Attention value is high, because children and adults get really involved.

3Dcarton is a developer, manufacturer and publisher of press-out kits. You may well have seen one of our products already - when visiting the Rijksmuseum, the Van Gogh Museum or Schiphol, for example. But you may also have seen one in a toy shop, book shop, souvenir shop or school.

Are you a company, museum, attraction park, store or publisher looking for a unique addition for to promotional or educational project?

3Dcarton can develop a press-out kit for you. From conception to production. From design to construction. From a small run to a huge one. Playful creation for the young and old.

Your own cardboard construction kit?

Would you like to talk to us about the applications and possibilities of a press-out or cut-out construction kit developed especially for you? Such as an addition to your range, or a giveaway? Call or mail us for an appointment!

Booklet with press out kit for Sassi Junior
Press out kit Anne Frank House

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