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A press-out kit
has endless applications

Anne Frank Huis 3Dcarton Bouwen=Vouwen

Educational and learning support

Experience is heightened when building a three-dimensional object, be it a building or a vehicle. For example, we have developed and manufactured cardboard press-out models that bring museums to life in the home. And we can work with you to add an interactive explanation or items of information to the construction model.

Promotional gift and loyalty reward

A cardboard cut-out or press-out model is an excellent way to bind the customer to your company. As a premium (promotional gift), for example, or combined with a savings campaign. The advantage with a cardboard model is that there are three points at which you get this message across: when it is received, when it is made and when it is admired, because once assembled a cardboard model is always given pride of place. That makes three gifts in one.


Souvenirs attract their own kind of customer: tourists and day trippers who would like to take home a gift or a keepsake. This is why many of our press-out and cut-out kits are found at major tourist locations, such as the Rijksmuseum, Madurodam, De Efteling and Schiphol.


Constructing a cardboard model is educational and fun, and it stimulates the imagination and spatial awareness. And there are even more arguments for why a cardboard model kit makes the ideal toy for children over the age of 3. It is even possible, depending on your requirements and on the finish, to design press-out kits that can be built without glue, scissors or other aids.

Merchandise and impulse buy

A press-out kit is an excellent extension to your existing product assortment. It generates turnover, because its interesting price and finish make an easy choice for your customers. The attractive profit margin on this excellent merchandise can make quite a contribution to your impulse sales.

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