We believe in playful creation

Who We Are


At 3Dcarton we believe strong brands are made by living the experience.
We are very enthusiastic about brands with a real and meaningful message.

3Dcarton would like to inspire and stimulate you to apply your message in this way through a cardboard 3D-experience.


We believe that strong, successful brands are made by living the experience. Working and thinking together with our clients, with imagination and creativity, we can make your brand stick out from the rest. Custom made without concession to quality is the key. Consequently our 3D-models tell your story. Your clients can understand and appreciate you more while living the experience. Your market place and client loyalty will grow.

Just as our relationship with you is enduring, our kits are sustainable and we adhere to our environmental responsibility.
The building kits from 3Dcarton can be found in museums and are used in education, or for helping you to improve your image.