The Rijksmuseum Amsterdam


The Rijksmuseum Amsterdam

About this project:

Koolhoven airplane
In the early 20th century Frits Koolhoven designed a number of airplanes. He went on to build them in his own factory. The Rijksmuseum displays an example dating from 1918. It is the largest object kept in the Amsterdam museum.
3Dcarton was asked by the Rijksmuseum to design a press-out kit of this FK 23 Bantam. It can be purchased from the Rijksmuseum’s official sales outlets.

Miffy at The Rijksmuseum
This 3D-model joins two Dutch icons. This impressive press-out kit was developed in conjunction with Mercis Publishing. And of course, The Night Watch is still centre stage.

Gallery of Honour Rijksmuseum:
3Dcarton developed a replica of the Gallery of Honour for the education department at The Rijksmuseum. The topics related to this cardboard press-out kit are included in The Rijksmuseum’s education programme.



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